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Body Building Tips, How Alcohol Will Make You Fail

Posted Jul 12 2010 12:20am

In the next few lines ai am going to tell you why alcohol affects the muscle growth process.

Too much alcohol will almost definitely have a significant negative impact on your muscle-building results. Alcohol is far more harmful than most people think, and it’s very important that you understand how this drug is affecting your progress.

It negatively affects protein synthesis. Protein is made by the joining of amino acids to form complete proteins. The problem becomes obvious when you realize that your muscles, which are composed of mostly protein, work less when alcohol is consumed in large amounts.

It is able to lower testosterone levels and increase your estrogen. Testosterone is the most important muscle-building hormone in your body. Among the factors that can limit the capacity for muscle building is the person’s level of available testosterone. You will want to get all the free testosterone levels you can if you are serious about building muscle.

Alcohol causes dehydration. The kidneys must filter very large amounts of water in order to break down the alcohol, and this can result in severe dehydration within the body. Water plays an absolutely crucial role in the muscle-building process, and being even slightly dehydrated is a recipe for disaster. The muscles alone are comprised of 70% water.

Alcohol consumption causes vitamins A, C, the B’s, calcium, zinc and phosphorus to all be drained at rapid rates. Vitamins and minerals keep every little process in your body functioning properly, and many of these processes involve muscle growth and maintenance.

With 7 empty calories per gram, alcohol can actually be quite fattening. Alcohol also disrupts the Kreb’s Cycle, which plays an important role in fat burning.

Alcohol consumption, especially at the times when you would normally sleep, can have effects on the quality of sleep. Clearly high quality sleep is extremely important to the rebuilding and growth process of muscle. Without proper rest and recovery, your gains will be affected.

It’s important to have fun in life, but too much fun can lead to problems. If you’re serious about achieving significant muscle-building results, you definitely need to monitor your intake of alcohol and make sure that you are consuming it in moderation.

You can still go out for a good time occasionally, but make sure to cut back on the drinking and eat properly to lessen its effects.

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