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Bodies The Exhibition

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:58pm

I attended "Bodies: The Exhibition" at the Cincinnati Museum Center on Saturday. Given my life long fascination with the nueromuscular system, I found it absolutely amazing...I would highly recommend seeing it. Here are some of my random thoughts regarding the exhibition:

1. The majority of males who want to put on lean muscle tissue focus on training the pectorals (chest) and biceps muscles: BIG mistake. After viewing the bodies exhibit, and getting an up close and personal look at just how large the trapezius and lattisimus muscles of the upper and mid-back are, it becomes obvious that focusing on these large muscle structures on the back side of the body is the quickest path to increased strength and muscle tissue.

2. Don't smoke (big newsflash here, I know). After getting to see what a smoker's lungs actually look like up close, I don't know how anyone could pick up the habit.

3. You don't want to have the misfortune of having to pass a kidney stone! The Bodies exhibit actually displayed a human kidney containing kidney stones....after seeing how large these things can get I can't ever imagine how painful it would be to have to pass one of these.

4. The coolest display of the entire exhibit was one where the actual central nervous system was shown separated from the rest of the was unreal to see all of the nerves that innervate our muscles.

5. The gluteals (glutes) are by the far the most powerful looking muscle in the entire body.

6. The insertion of the lattisimus muscles (the "lats") is by far the coolest muscular insertion of them actually "twists" up under the armpit and attaches to your humerus (the upper arm bone).

7. After getting to see an ACL up close, you can see how devastating tearing this ligament can be not only to performance athletes, but to any "average joe/jane" as well.

8. The intestines are cool...and you get to see them separated from the rest of the body on display at "Bodies: The Exhibition" as well.

9. The display where the same guy's muscular and skeletal system systems are holding hands is pretty funny and fascinating at the same time.

10. The human body is just unreal and "Bodies: The Exhibition" does an unreal job of showing the intricacies of all the body's systems.

Again, I'd highly recommend checking it runs until September of 2008. You'll certainly gain a much greater appreciation of just how amazing and precious your own body is, and you'll certainly see how important keeping yourself fit is. If you are already engaged in a fitness training program, keep at it! If you are not, it is high time you started...CHECK OUT OUR WORKOUT PROGRAM DESIGN SERVICE HERE!
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