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Bloating Feels Gross, Get Rid Of It!

Posted Aug 19 2009 4:32pm
Bloating feels gross so do what it takes to get rid of it! Eat more of the right kinds of foods to get rid of bloating....

Foods that are high in sodium can cause bloating. So can foods like white bread and other refined carbohydrates like pasta. When these foods are stored in your body, they hold onto water which causes bloating. Foods high in saturated fat can cause bloating because your stomach empties out slower and you feel sluggish. And, limit eating candy to decrease bloating.

If you are lactose intolerant, you will experience bloating when you drink products like milk. There are plenty of lactose-free products out on the market today to help you out.

Eat more foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, foods high in unsaturated fat, etc. and you will have less bloating. And, drink water instead of sodas and drinks high in sodium.

Stress is another common cause of bloating. Getting proper rest and exercising regularly will help you combat stress.

Take steps to get rid of your bloating! These steps will also help you lose weight and burn fat!

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