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Blissdom conference & preview of coming MizFit’tractions.

Posted Jan 28 2010 11:52pm



It’s Friday.

And Im thankful.

Even though my job pretty much continues through the weekend (who knew mamahood didnt get weekends off?  Next time I shall read the fine-print) I adore Fridays, Shabbat, unplugging a bit & just hanging with the family.

It’s been a rough & lack of sleep few weeks around here (Ren Man traveling.  Tornado not sleeping) so as a result today’s post shall be short, sweet, & bullet’y.

  • Entirely out of the blue I was offered the opportunity to attend the Blissdom conference. Any of you going? Id love to connect if you are.  Im also searching for people to agree to nag me about running while there & to shout at me sporadically: Runs With Tiara needs to get her ass glutes in gear!! The whole shebang goes down in Nashville so if you live there & think you might be able to swing by let me know that, too!  Im  heading to Tennessee on 2.2 and will be there through 2.7.
  • MizFit turns two next week. (methinks its the official ’sh*t or git off the pot’ year but thats an entirely different post) In honor of this shocking event we shall be having a week filled with giveaways.  Stuff I love. Causes I believe in.  People & companies who rock. Since I plan to be discombobulated upon my return to Casa Miz post-Blissdom all winners from the week shall be announced at my leisure.  Hopefully 2.9 but we’ll see.
  • If you longed for a truly coherent post from me today you’d probably be better off clicking over here.
  • YES Id love to do a blogger meet-up at Disney I will post more about it when I get my schedule from the powers that be more powerful than I.
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