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Birthday Q&A Since it's my 25 th...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:32pm

Birthday Q&A

Since it's my 25 th birthday today, I feel like answering some recent questions that were sent to me.

Q: Jimmy, what's the best split, if you had to pick one, for adding muscle mass on a developed individual who has trained for awhile?

A: I'm partial for an upper/lower with bodypart training split. I've gotten the credit for bringing this idea to bodybuilders but it really is the best split. You get the frequent stimulus of hitting each muscle at least 2x per week, a high intensity and a good amount of volume.

Q: I'm a female who just had a baby and want to get back into training. What's one big nutrition tip that you can give me to help me lose weight?

A: Take selenium. A recent study has shown that by the third trimester women give all of their selenium to their fetus. It's also why I see such lowered amounts of thyroid in women. Macadamia nuts are very high in selenium as well. It's also for people that just want to lose weight, selenium keeps thyroids happy.

Q:What's your take on high dose BCAA's ?

A: I love them, leucine in particular will keep you anti- catabolic and spare muscle mass especially when you diet.

Q: What's your take on artificial sweeteners ?

A: Aspartame gets trashed even though it has some positive benefits. Stevia is what i suggest, it is natural, calorie free and lowers blood sugar.

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