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Bikini Bootcamp Online

Posted by Lela D.

Now you can get your bikini body with customized online support. Bikini Bootcamp is "the ultimate online tool to get your bikini body." You enter your height, weight, goal, age, and gender into the site and they provide you a personal weight loss and shape up plan. There are all kinds of tools on the site to make your journey easier including a meal planner, recipes, and shopping list helper. The starting cost is $3 a week, but I think you can get the newsletter for free when you enter your information. $12 a month isn't too steep if you follow through with the advice you get. Report back here if you try it out!
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Web sites like these are popping up. Another one I have heard of is Personal Diet -- or something like that. Anything that can help someone look better and feel better is a great bootcamp.
Read the fine print. It's actually $5/week and they charge your card $65 after 7 days. Then, if you quit they won't give you back your money...there's a 5-week "minimum" for $25. I bet they also make it super hard to cancel. And who are they anyway? I would not give any money to these people, sorry.
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