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Biking Novice

Posted by KaliTime C.

I wish people would leave me alone about this one.

I am a person who has neither learned to swim, nor ride a bicycle, nor rollerskate. The moment I disclose these facts, I get ridicule and disbelief.

Yeah...way to motivate.

I'm looking at websites and trying to figure out a way to teach myself bicycle riding at least. I finally got one, thanks to Craigslist, and I am desperate to learn.

I figure I learned knitting from watching videos online. I might as well see if I can find bike riding instructionals online as well.

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I too do not know how to ride a bike. I don't think it's the sort of thing you can learn from a video. I think you just have to do it. I personally will only learn where there is ample room, are no people, lots of protection (pads), and am wearing clothes I don't care about. Needless to say, I have to succeed. Let me know how it works for you.
have *yet* to succeed
First, you should not take it personally that people are surprised you can't ride a bike. Find a friend to help you, since you will need someone to steady the bike for you and guide you a long a little bit as you get the bike going. Training wheels are used for kids but if you don't mind looking funny you should try those. They will keep you from falling over and hurting yourself. Biking is lots of fun and a great exercise so don't worry about what other people think - get on the bike and have fun!
I'm getting the hang of the physics of riding but the balance is still eluding me. I'm more concerned with my safety in that I don't have a helmet or a safe practicing area. Still, I watch people when they ride in my vicinity. Some of those people were in disbelief. Others were outright condescending. I'm still not letting it get me down though. As to training wheels, I was thinking more along the lines of a trailer. I've read that som types stabilize bicycles like training wheels do. There would be an added benefit of me getting exercise and going to and from different destinations without having to use the Metro. Thanks for posting. :)
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