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Bike Sprints, Hill Sprints, push-ups and pull-ups for weight loss!

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:58pm

Yesterday the weather was beautiful so I just had to train outside. I wanted to get a solid full body workout in and give my metabolism a boost as well so I decided to do a series of mini-workouts in a row. First I biked to the part in sprints, then I ran hill sprints with push-ups at the top, then I biked back sprinting, then I ran up 6 flights of stair to my condo and did as many chin-ups as possible. The whole workout latest about 45 minutes and was pretty intense the whole time:

  • Bike Sprints, 5 mins

  • Hill Sprints with push-ups at the top, 25 mins

  • Bike Sprints, 5 mins

  • Stair Climb, 1-2 minutes

  • Chin-ups, 5 minutes

Getting outside and enjoying the sun and fresh air really improve your mood and often result in a brutally hard workout without you realizing it. I have written a lot about the benefits of hill sprints for fat loss and leg development so I won't go into it in depth here, but I will say that if you are not doing hill sprints you should be! I always add push-ups at the end of each sprint to force my body to push the blood around from the lower to upper body. I believe this really helps with conditioning for sports. You will notice that after the stair climb I did a bunch of pull-ups as well, applying the same principle again.

This was not a kettlebell workout but it is interesting to note that hill sprints are getting easier and easier the more kettlebell work I do. The sprints are just not as demanding on my heart rate and are beginning to feel easy which is a huge change from last year. High intensity kettlebell lifting certainly does help prepare your body for other athletic challenges!

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