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Big Losers, Big Health Risks?

Posted Dec 16 2009 11:00am

biggestloserIf you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, you know contestants drop ungodly amounts of weight at lightning speed. It’s an inspiring show, even if it needs a major disclaimer saying that it is NOT normal to lose 15 pounds in a week. Ever.

The show has come under fire recently as contestants have admitted to using drastic weight-loss techniques to drop pounds, and a contestant’s heat stroke incident this past season highlights the dangers of overexertion. As the winner of season one is reported to have gained back most of his weight, it’s clear the show has a dark side. As one doctor said, attaching a money prize to the competition takes the focus off of health and puts it onto the big win. Lesson of the day? If you’re trying to lose weight, do it for you, do it to be healthy and don’t do it drastically.

Biggest health risks.


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