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Big Carl versus Big Walt (AKA: we be super-hydrating).

Posted Aug 13 2012 4:10am

Ahhhh, People. Im trashy.

Im fit. Im healthy (for the most part)  I freakin love my trash tv. 

It’s in that vein I UNAPOLOGETICALLY offer a diZclaimer of sorts.  If you dont watch Cougartown and are not familiar with BIG CARL you may not find this post funny.

(actually strike that as it places pressure on my misfit shoulders to have this post be funny if you DO know the Carl.  lets just say the post wont make sense.  thank you.)

Three things which are true:

Im struggling with allergies .  Im not hydrating enough.  I consume too much salt.

One thing which is true:

When it comes to exercise I choose LAUGHTER over TOILING .

If you add up the above and slather on top my misfit way of thinking your result is the post below.  I deduced (correctly) if I mixed LEVITY into my hydration I be more apt to drink water.

Enter a birthday present from a GENEROUS FRIENDI was grateful.  I really needed.  It made me GIGGLE to imagine guzzling *water* from a BIG CARL .

Sadly you cant see the “L” but it’s there…


Ren Man rolled his eyes. HARD.  “You can NOT drink something other than WINE from a Big Carl!!” He admonished.  Methinks his admonishnessment was jealousy in disguise as the next time I saw him he was toting Big Walt.


Yep! B-day present box behind BigWalt.

I wanted to be annoyed at his blatant appropriation of my idea.  I could not be.  I felt sad for Ren Man.  Big Walt seemed a sad impersonation of Big Carl.  An almost WEEDS-like wanna be Big Carl. (<—– the video linked there is pretty funny if youre a Weeds fan which–not shockingly–I am).

Still, though I was more sad for Ren Man and his lame ass BIG CARL wanna be new cup, I decided to mess with him.

I hatched a plan to derail his hydration (which of course had now become—to my DELIGHT— somewhat of a competition between us), and kidnap big Walt. 

I dragged poor innocent Tornado into the fray who decided (inexplicably) to blame the kidnapping on a pack of roving canines:


She may have a future in ransom note’ing!

Eventually we grew weary of watching Ren Man stumbling around the domicile dehydrated.

We returned Big Walt to his rightful owner.  Not before pointing out, however, how diminutive he was next to CARL:


Id like to say that’s where this tale ends.  That the three of us continued to banter, tease and MOTIVATE EACH OTHER TO HYDRATE (which we did).

Alas there’s one sad snippet Im compelled to share. 

The Tornado batted her sad six year old eyelashes at me and begged to take possession of Big Carl.

She carefully convinced me B.C.’s GLITTERtasticness would result in her hyper-hydration.  

I couldnt refuse. 

I handed over Big Carl (*whispers* temporarily. dont tell her. she doesnt read this.) and was rewarded with the below. 

Moniker-free.  Muscles-abounding.


We have big!watery!muscles!

And that’s really where our tale of happy hydration ends.

(If you long for serious tips on hydration Ive blogged about my struggles with water-drinking before.  In addition my ever smart friend Joyce got herself a fun, creative guest post all about the 5 secret benefits of drinking water.)

I’d already realized the benefits of adding PLAY to my exercise routine and as a result RARELY struggle for motivation to PLAYout.

Ive always stuggled with hydration and FINALLY realized PLAYful banter and familial competition here, too, makes all the watery-difference.

And you?

  • Do you have a BIG CARL? A go-to water bottle you *always* have with you & where HABIT helps your hydration?
  • Have you found (as I do again & again) that *laughter* is the best motivator? Or are you propelled onward by the punitive?


Please to hit Ren Man, The Tornado, Big Carl, Big Walt, & my moniker-free MUSCLE CUP up in the comments below…


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