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Better Than Nothing.

Posted Jan 23 2009 4:26pm

Often, when asked why they don’t exercise, people will tell you, “Well, I walk everyday.  Hey, it’s better than nothing, right?”  Or to justify not eating as well as they should, you’ll hear, “Well, at least I don’t eat McDonald’s everyday.  It’s better than nothing.”

Better than nothing? I suppose in a semantic sense, they’re right.  You can’t argue that it’s better to omit soda from your diet than not.  But is ‘better than nothing’ really what you want?

Apply that logic the other way: “Well, I’m out of shape and can’t play with my kids as much as I’d like.  But I can run around with them for 5 minutes - that’s better than nothing, right?”  Try telling your boss you only got half of that important project done - “but half is better than nothing.”

You get the idea.

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