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Best Lunge Technique?

Posted Mar 04 2009 3:13pm

What doYOUdo at parties?

Drink, eat, gossip,  dance, mingle, and drink even more - sound about right?

What doIdo at parties?

Drink, eat, gossip, dance, mingle and  debate lunge techniques  with girls.

Seriously, I'm not lying.

At a Fourth of July party over this past Summer I had two intoxicated girls in dresses and heels lunging across the rooftop deck - not as a sobriety test, but because they didn't believe the best way to do lunges.

So I now ask you, what's the better technique... 

shorter, narrow lunges or longer, wider lunges?

The answer is shorter and more narrow lunges!

Alonger, wider lungecan do a couple negative things to the body...

1. Brings the back legtoo far behindthe body putting the hip flexor on extreme stretch

2. Arches the lower back increasing stress on that area

3. You should only feel your front quad and glute, not a sawing and burning of your back thigh and hip flexor!

The short, more narrow lunge will do the following:

1. Create parallel lines between your torso and shin

2. Distribute weight evenly between your hips, knee, and ankle

3. Activate your glute of the front leg more

4. Prevent your lower back from arching

5. Prevent putting extreme stretch on your already tight hip flexors

Go ahead, try it. Lunge across a roof deck party in a dress and heels and tell me I'm wrong.

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