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Best High Blood Pressure Review: Natural Treatment Available

Posted Oct 23 2011 1:42am

While many cardio related diseases and heart related deaths can be prevented by early diagnosis of , many of patients are not aware of the condition. That is why, it is very important to monitor blood pressure on a daily basis and manage it by using medicine or herbal remedies.

Many of the patients usually experience many side effects while taking the prescription drugs. The downfall of this is the patients have to constantly continue taking the medication to control the normal blood pressure. It is better to take natural and organic remedies as soon as the symptoms appear. In most cases the person with HBP can recognise the signs early.

Some of natural ways of lowering blood pressure include green tea. This is an ancient potent herb that has many beneficial qualities. One of the innate qualities purifies blood and lowers blood pressure. Importaant to note, make sure that the tea is not strong because high dosage can create an opposite effect due to xanthenes. (type of caffeine)

There are many medicinal benefits that garlic provides. Taking garlic supplements or eating garlic can help in reducing hypertension. Many naturopathic specialist recommend to eat as much garlic and onions as it is possible. However, if you are allergic to garlic or related plant family consuming it is not recommended.

Exercise is very important in maintaining the blood pressure. Consult kinesiologist and physician to create a routine exercise suitable for you.

Avoid: Increase levels can be related to rapid fluctuation in blood pressure. Strive to sustain calm state of mind in traumatic situations by taking deep breaths.

While cholesterol is a vital steroid that all animals need, too much of “bad” cholesterol will cause damage to arteries and elevate blood pressure. Try to avoid eating products high in trans fat such as french fries, fast foods, baked goods, animal products.

Decrease your sugar and salt intake. Research has shown, that lowering sodium intake decrease blood pressure in about 33% of people tested.

Smoking and consuming alcohol beverages are also related to increasing blood pressure.

While many of us with are looking for natural remedies, there are many resources available that can aid us with this information.

Before you try any natural treatments for , make sure to read an excellent review on .

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