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Best Food After A Workout

Posted Dec 29 2008 6:41pm

Last night I got a text message from a young lady that said she needed my professional opinion.

This young lady made a bet on...

 what is the single best food/drink after a workout.

I asked, who she was betting.

She said, 'a guy'.

I then asked, 'how much is the bet for?'

She said, 'Loser gets naked'.

I jokingly replied, 'I'll help on one condition...if you lose,  I get 10%'

Text Message Conversation Recap

The Bet: What is the single best food/drink after a workout?

The Wager: Loser gets naked

Her Guess: Milk

His Guess: Banana

Lance's Answer:

All the text books and resources I've read claim that the best post workout meal, snack, or drink is acombinationofprotein, good fat,andcomplex carbohydrates.

So from those two answers given, I'd saymilk is betterto have after a workoutthan a banana!

The Winner:

The young lady wins, meaning the 'guy' had to get naked...YIKES, I give my 10% to charity!

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