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Best Core Training Program Tips for Skiers

Posted Jul 09 2010 11:53pm
For those that enjoy skiing, there’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of thrashing through fresh, crisp snow and filling your lungs with the tingle of mountain air, curling your way down through the trees, the sound of snow falling with each brush of pine branches as you pass.

Whether skiing the slopes, acrobating through the air on your snowboard or simply enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, taking in the breathtaking view of snow covered mountains, at ski resorts all over the world from Lake Tahoe to the mountains in Italy, Austria and Switzerland to the Ukraine and all the way to Japan, there’s a skiing vacation for you just waiting to be explored.

While skiing is invigorating and energizing, many skiers get deep burning and fatigue in their legs, that can severely slow them down, making it easy for them to make those falls that can be so embarrassing. Even though most of us are in good shape before taking off on our skiing vacation, our legs usually aren’t conditioned well enough to handle a long and sometimes tough day of skiing.

The familiar wall squats and leg extensions that almost everyone typically does thinking that these are the only skiing exercises that are going to give them the endurance and strength their legs need to whiz up and down the slopes – don’t, in fact most ski-specific training programs provided on the Internet or in skiing publications, are either misinformation or out-dated training guidelines that may actually increase the chances of injury. Some of these recommended skiing exercises don’t even effectively adapt to skiing well at all.

Apart from just building the necessary strength and endurance to be able to attack any mountains slopes, it’s essential to make sure the skiing exercise programs are balanced for proper development of opposing muscle groups and joint health in the knees and hips, as there’s no point in having strong legs if you end up getting a knee injury and ruining your entire ski season.

Skiing exercise routines need to build functional leg and joint strength that are balanced and provide injury-resistant joints, that make legs unstoppable when it comes to conquering the slopes. This type of skiing works are few and far between – unique skiing exercises where no machines are necessary are even more rare. Until now.

The new, unique skiing workout, has no need of special equipment or machines at all for these specially developed leg and core training programs for skiers that builds incredible strength, power, and muscular endurance in the legs, core and back, which has been proven to drastically increase quickness and agility in order to move more quickly between trees, rocks and other obstacles on your way down the mountain slopes.

Increase leg ability to ski all day long while reducing leg and lower back muscular fatigue, at the same time reducing the deep burning in your legs that forces you to stop and rest several times during each skiing run, strengthening joints and reduces risk of injuries that could put you on the sidelines for the season, or worse, injure you for life.

These skiing exercise elements are a must if you still want to be enjoying the slopes many years from now!

Combine these routines for the most effectiveness based on your current abilities and fitness level, whether you’re a beginner or advanced skier. It’s the best one of a kind ski-specific workout program on the market today.

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