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Best cardio machines for your burn

Posted by Debi P.

In the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of Women's Health, it was stated that reserachers at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, found that treadmill jogging had the largest percentage of glute (buttocks) muscles activated (48.9%). Next in line was the eliptical machine (32.6I%) followed by walking on the treadmill (24.3%) and working out on the stairmaster (24%). Recumbent bikes, due to the 'seated nature', only found 6.0% of the gluet muscles activated. If you're looking to target your 'back end', follow these tips:

* walk/jog on the treadmill using a slight incline, which will target the gluet muscles from a different angle

* drive with your heels, as opposed to your toes when on the elliptical

* on the stair climbing machine, let go of the handrails (if possible) and force your gluets to take the brunt of the stabilization work

* If running on a treadmill, make sure the heel strikes the belt first, not the balls of the feet. Driving down with the heel strike will allow full extension at the knee and hip, allowing more activation of those 'back end muscles'

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