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Best Cardio for Thinner Thighs

Posted Jul 03 2010 7:24pm

best cardio for thinner thighs The best cardio for thinner thighs needs to include an all over body fat burning workout with targeted leg toning and thin thigh exercises.

High intensity interval training is a highly effective way to speed up metabolism and burn stubborn thigh area fat. A high intensity interval training program should start off with a beginner workout and then progressively move to longer intervals or higher exertion.

Best cardio for thinner thighs sample beginner workout:

Interval training – begin with a warm up of 4 minutes, perform first interval of 1 minute at a maximum exertion pace. Slow down to moderate pace for 2 minutes, then repeat interval of maximum exertion for 1 minute. Repeat 2-4 times.

The interval training can be on a treadmill, skipping rope, exercise bike, stepper or outdoor running. The key is to make sure that you are at maximum exertion during your high intensity interval – this will boost metabolism and enable your body to burn fat throughout the day.

Another way to get the best cardio for thinner thighs is through fat burning workouts that can include a mix of cardio, strength and weight training.

How to lose leg fat with fat burning workouts:

1. 2 minute run at maximum exertion and incline

2. 50 sit ups

3. Swiss ball barbell shoulder press

4. Step Ups with weights

5. Maximum speed on stationary bike to 0.75 miles

This is a sample workout which can be amended and other exercises can be substituted. The workout should be repeated 3 times with minimal breaks in between each exercise. This is a maximum fat burning circuit and is the best cardio for thin thighs as it boosts metabolism, works on leg toning as well as fat burning through the higher intensity.

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Another great program that specifically targets the butt and thigh region is Brazil Butt – designed by Leandro Carvalho – mixes up dance, plyometrics, plies, lunges, aerobics and targeted thigh scultping exercises to tone and slim down thighs and the butt area. This program also uses cardio for thin thighs results and targets the smaller areas of the butt and thigh region that traditional workouts and cardio machines fail to target.

The secret behind the Brazil Butt system is the triangle training system which targets 3 different gluteus muscles to help get rid of saddle bags, burn thigh fat and give you a high intensity fat burning workout which combines dance and high energy routines.

Get started with the best cardio for thinner thighs to tone, lift and sculpt your butt – Try Brazil Butt .

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