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Best Back Stretching Equipment

Posted Oct 25 2010 10:21pm

It feels so incredible when you achieve a stretch that finally releases that muscle that’s been tight in your back for days. Back problems seem to be more and more prevalent in today’s society and therefore stretching your back is a good preventative measure as well as a release. For more severe back problems, inversion therapy is available with tools such as inversion tables, chairs, and gravity boots. Inversion therapy is great for stretching out your whole body and relieving back pain, but there are less expensive ways of stretching your back.

Back stretchers come in many varieties. There’s one that targets only the lower back, also known in more technical terms as the lumbar region. This region is particularly prone to back pain and is one of the most difficult places to stretch. In order to use this back stretcher, you lie on it and relax for however long you want. Definitely an easy way to get the results you’re after. This stretcher has a flat component with a curved piece on top of it – obviously you lie on the curved piece. It is also fairly compact and can even fold up small enough for travel.

However, there are more complex devices. There is a device that targets virtually every section of the back or the back in its entirety. Most operate on the assumption that a lot of back pain is caused by the spinal discs being compressed and exerting pressure on the neighboring nerves. Using the back stretchers is supposed to expand the discs and relieve pressure on the nerves. Some of the larger models even have exercise components built in, such as back stretchers that double as abdominal exercise machines. Some require a standing position while others allow the user to sit down or lie down. There’s one that even requires the user to do a back bend – with support of course. Because of all the variation it’s wise to decide what areas you want to target before purchasing a stretcher. Prices vary widely from as little as $21 to $400.

Back stretchers are a preventative measure as well as a treatment plan. A lot of people focus on strengthening visible muscles such as their biceps and abdominals. This can be extremely detrimental to the back. Not only are you neglecting your back, but it’s making some muscles disproportionately strong which can cause further harm to your back – potentially pulling muscles out of place. Remember your back is the foundation of your body and must be treated as such. Make your back a priority in any exercise program both with stretching and strengthening activities.

There are some people more prone to back problems than others. For example, those that have a sedentary job – such as at a computer all day. Also, if you lead a sedentary life in general or are overweight back problems are more likely to come your way. Also, remember to always do back exercises when you do abdominal ones in order to avoid disproportionately strong abdominals which can contribute to back problems.

In summary, there are many options available to those willing to and wanting to incorporate back stretchers into their regular physical fitness routine. None of the products currently on the market appear to have any negative side effects as long as used appropriately. It’s a great idea to incorporate back stretching into your life on a regular basis.

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