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Belly Blasting Minerals – Are You Taking These Supplements to Lose Belly Fat

Posted May 13 2013 12:00am


The #1 question I get as a trainer is “How do I lose my stomach?”  While calorie intake and exercise are important, many people aren’t getting enough minerals from their diets to keep their body balanced.  Its also hard to consume everything you need to get enough of them.  Taking these 3 key can make your weight loss and fat loss journey easier.

  belly fat loss

Things like stress and not enough sleep can deplete our bodies.  This drives the stress hormone known as cortisol up.   High amounts of cortisol tell the body to store fat around the mid section.  The goal is to keep your internal systems calm.  A calm system that isn’t under stress will release fat more readily and allow you to go through life in a relaxed manner.



:  Make sure you take these at NIGHT.  They will relax your system and make you a bit sleepy!  For best result combine these with a healthy eating plan, and exercise.  


??    Research shows that your body loses weight best if you stop eating within 3 hours of bed time.  This allows you body to process food, gives you more restful sleep and aids in burning fat while you rest.  Eating too close to bedtime inhibits hormones essential to fat loss.


If you aren’t taking these minerals already, then it’s time you start!   If you are taking them, are you consuming enough of each on the list?   Personally, I would say that about 15% of the population is getting enough of these 3 minerals.  The rest of us are walking around in a stressed out state and storing belly fat left and right.   I don’t know about you, but it’s hard enough to shed pounds as it is.   Why not make weight loss and body fat loss a little be easier with these 3 ?!


Relaxed and Focused,





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