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being dizzy and shortness of breath..

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yesterday i was out walking mostly up hill...waring a sweat shirt and thick jacket  a thick beanie and gloves...when i started feeling really hot... then i felt sick to my stomach  shortly after that my legs got really shakie so i sat down on the side of the road being dizzy and having shortness of breath...i closed my eyes and re opend them...all i could see was black and gray specks of light... and i would start tipping i would keep my eyes closed... i was thiking this could be an athsma attack but after reading some of the stuff on this page...i am not sure...
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This was probably due to low blood sugar or dehydration. Had you eaten anything that day before you exercised? If your blood sugar is low this could cause you to feel light headed and possibly pass-out. Be sure to have a little snack before you workout if you have not eaten prior to it. 
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