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Beers & Bikes

Posted Mar 21 2011 3:23pm
The 2011 Urban Assault Ride was a blast!

The weather was perfect, the course was fun, and my partner didn't quit the race, plus we had sweet matching outfits.
 How does Brodie sneak into all the pics?

Woo team 333!

Tucson was the first stop of the tour this year so we were the first to experience the new checkpoint obstacles.  We concured 5 of the 7 checkpoints before our 3 hrs were up. 
At the checkpoints you can expect to be a human wheelbarrow (talk about core strengh and my shirt has a nice grass stain after a minor fall), balancing on the front pegs of a bmx bike while trying to pick up bottle caps( we were really bad at this), and shooting Keen shoes into a bag (rockstars).

We didn't really take pics during the race because hello! we were racing our hearts out.  And both of our bodies are nice and sore today. 
Overall they were super fun, but there were a few kinks to work out (waiting 20 mins in a line to cross the finish was no bueno).
Luckily there was free beer at the end to ease our line waiting woes.

Again if New Belgium brings this to your city or one near you do it.  The Urban Assault is one of the highlights of my year.  I can't wait to get out there next year and win it.  I'm thinking of doing a tour of all the cities, how fun would that be!

Also a big shout out goes to Tee the Operations Manager at Adventure Fit for letting us race at a discount!  We REALLY appreciate it! 
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