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"Bee Pollen" My Hero

Posted Jul 07 2010 12:23pm

I read Tosca Reno's book " The eat-clean diet Recharged " about 9 months ago and since then I have been on the Bee Pollen craze. She mentioned sprinkling it on her cereal and that is all it took to get me going. So, I of course had to find out every little detail about this natural creation and did I ever. I think it is worth sharing with you because everyone deserves good stuff!

First off did you know that Bee Pollen according to Dr Betty Lee Morales "is the only known food which contains 
every essential nutrient   needed by mankind for perfect health".  Another doctor by the name of Dr. Leo Conway treated over 60,000 verified cases of allergies with Bee Pollen and said  “pollen immunization can be achieved by incorporating pollen in food.

Resistance is built by continuing ingestion of bee gathered pollens from any location.” Say good by to allergies! Allergies have never been a problem of mine, but I would be very interested in hearing of someone that has treated their allergy symptoms with Bee Pollen.

If it be known 
Hippocrates  even stated bee pollen contained the secret against old age. For me that says allot, he was obviously not a dumb guy that I am aware of.  You know?

Did you know that bee pollen is richer in protein than meat (which contains only 17 to 22%), fish, eggs and cheese?  According to Dr Stefan Stangaciu MD, "35 to 50 g of pollen a day can cover the needs in protein for man".

Did you know that bee pollen has anti-aging benefits as well.  
Your skin can become younger looking and less vulnerable to wrinkles, smoother and healthier with the use of bee pollen (both internally and
externally ).

The mineral selenium is also found in bee pollen, this mineral slows down the aging of cells. Arginine helps to prevent impotency, frigidity and sterility. These amino acids support the functioning of the prostate. It also contains many nucleic acids in the chromosomes, very important for cellular regeneration and thus for diminishing the risk of genetic diseases.

Did you know bee pollen is anti- stress! Who doesn't need a destresser in this day?  It's richness in the B vitamins and in amino acids necessary to the nervous system gives it anti-stress qualities. Pollen contains all of the amino acids necessary in the production of endorphins (our happy hormones) in the nervous system.

Did I mention energy! Thanks to its richness in amino acids, pollen has a positive action on physical and intellectual tiredness
. Proteins, the minerals (calcium, phosphorus) and vitamins (pro vitamin A, the B Vitamins...) it contains enhance the development of young children.

I could go on and on forever about the benefits of this bomb of nature, but I will let you read more at this awesome site that I came across after reviewing several hype sites claiming supposed miracle cures. I am a health freak, but I am no and enjoy!

Yours in Health,
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