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Be Prepared, Learn The Causes and Treatment of Low Back Pain

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:01am

This article on the causes and treatment of low back pain is intended to serve you on your journey of obtaining more knowledge regarding the handling of low back pain. Low back pain takes the prize for being the most usual type of back pain suffered by patients. And back pain in general is the most frequent cause for people to visit the doctor.

The treatments and causes of low back pain are plenty. It can overtake us quickly or grow overnight if we have lifted something heavy or bent our back the wrong way.

Whilst the average age of people most affected by low back pain is in the 30yrs to 50yrs old group it can touch all of us at any age. For example, teenagers straining their lower back by carting knapsacks daily can at times suffer from low back pain.

Understanding the causes and treatment of low back pain is especially significant when you find back pain sneaking up on you. And this is an individual thing. Mostly you will find low back pain is caused by working the back either too much or too little.

One patient may be struck down with low back pain from a super active lifestyle leading to overusing their back. While a ‘couch potato’ person risks low back pain from weak muscles due to their lack of exercise.

The following causes of low back pain, if not treated early can become critical. These include sciatica, age, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, bulging or ruptured disc and heavy lifting.

An extremely painful condition called cauda equine syndrome may result in permanent neurological damage. This is caused by a ruptured or protruding disc being pressed into the spinal canal and laying against the lumber and nerve roots.

Many cases of low back pain are caused by poor posture or improper sitting, lifting and bending. Mostly back pain including low back pain could be avoided with good ergonomics.

Treatment for low back pain will vary depending on the individual and the severity of the pain. Most people that suffer with low back pain don’t want to endure surgery unless they have no other choice. In most cases, surgery can be avoided.

To prevent swelling it is of the upmost importance to apply ice on the injury or tenderness every few hours for roughly 15 minutes for the first couple of days. This practice can influence if the pain reduces quickly or whether the trauma becomes more severe.

When you visit the physician for the causes and treatment of low back pain. You will usually be advised to take pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medicine. If you are not better in a few days, your doctor will probably want to see you to take X-rays.

Unless something serious shows up in the X-rays calling for surgery, the doctor will usually recommend physical therapy, which is great in most low back pain cases. Physical therapy may feel painful at the time it is being done, but it will help in the end. You will also be given exercises to do at home to lesson the pain as well as protect your back in the future.

This article is to make you aware of the basic facts concerning the treatment and causes of low back pain. Please visit our site for more in-depth knowledge concerning all aspects of back pain.

Lorna Hillier the author is a registered nurse and is interested in many health topics. Her huge back pain site has an informative free report called “Back Pain Relief Made Easy” The main area reports on popular Back Pain Pills and also includes 15 back pain related sections, one being Low Back Pain

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