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Bathing Suit Season Strategy #4

Posted Mar 14 2008 12:34pm

Yesterday we started to talk about exercise and it's critical role in helping you look better naked. We briefly discussed how very important it is and why you should focus on the incredible benefits of fitness. Remember, what you focus on grows. So instead of dreading exercise you need to look forward to the amazing results it will produce!

Today I want to tell you about the type of exercise you should be performing. There is simply no better exercise modality for fat loss than strength training. NONE. If you want to blast fat fast, if you really want to create a supercharged metabolism that melts fat 'round the clock then you simply MUST be performing the correct type of strength training.

Now ladies, my guess is you've been told this many times before. And I assure you, as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Fitness Professional with over ten years of experience…as an expert who has literally worked with hundreds and hundreds of women exactly like YOU…you are NOT going to get big and bulky. 99.9% of all women DO NOT have the hormones necessary to create unattractive amounts of muscle. I am fully aware you want to look trim and tone. And the correct method of strength training is exactly the recipe to looking great in both your bathing suit AND your little black dress.

In fact, most women things do some sort of cardio for 45 minutes to an hour and then pick a couple of light dumbbells for a couple of minutes afterwards. And most women are stunned when they fail to see results by doing the same thing day in and day out. But it's not necessarily their fault because they’ve simply been given the wrong information.

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
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