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Balance: what’s normal?

Posted May 20 2009 10:18am

Miz, I am a new reader and, while I really enjoy your rhymes, I can’t help but wonder: is there a story here? Am I missing something?

This email made me laugh as, not only do I receive many like this (people seemingly perplexed by my penchant for rhyming/thinking that they MUST be missing an inside joke), the answer really is just a plain ole NO.

No story.

No missing anything.

Im just a MizFit who likes to rhyme.

Dear MizFit,

You did a video with the BOSU ball where you fell off (thanks for that it made me feel way better about my own lack of balance). That made me start wondering how I know if I have bad balance for my age? or if Im fine? Thanks MizFit!

First, Im so glad that I could make you feel better about yourself.

Here’s the video if you’ve got that I wanna to feel superior feeling & previously missed it:

Oh that I could claim I pretended to fall off the BOSU only to make you all feel less badly about any possible lack of balance.

Sadly, that video is still kindasorta indicative of my current state. (Im working diligently to change it, but that’s a Renaissance Man Hath Proclaimed Himself My BOSU-trainer post for a different day.)

To answer your question, emailer, there is a simple test you can do to see where you fall within the norms of balance for your age.

It’s easy, fast, and a diagnostic test which Ive thus far avoided taking for very obvious reasons.

Stand next to a piece of furniture upon which you can steady yourself should you need to.

Fold your arms across your chest, raise one leg and bend it at the knee approximately forty five degrees.

Check the second hand on your watch and close your eyes.

How long can you hold this position without uncrossing your arms, tilting sideways, moving your standing leg or touching the bent leg to the floor?

Repeat this test on your other side and compare your results with the norms:

*twenty-forty nine years: 24-28 seconds

*fifty-fifty nine years: 21 seconds

*sixty-sixty nine years: 10 seconds

*seventy – seventy nine years: 4 seconds

*eighty plus years: typically cannot complete test.

How did you do?

Are you verging on Cirque Du Soleil? Or are you moreMizFit-esque in your balancing skillz?

In all seriousness, there’s a reason Ive skipped taking the test:

Im painfully aware that Im in need of improvement regardless of where I fall (pun intended).

In addition, there’s nothing like that last group in the norms to make me wannabe the exception & the Seuss tattooed crazy 80 year old who can finish the test with ease.

I know I have my work cut out for me—-but I also have forty years left in which to get there (*cue uplifting musical interlude*).

If you decide to take the test at home feel free to hit us all up in the comments & share how you did.

You never know, perhaps I’ll be guilted into joining you.

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