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Back Pain Relief

Posted May 07 2010 11:45am
Back pain can often be a sign of injury or an underlying problem related to your spine – vertebrae, bones, muscles or other soft tissues and can disrupt your life and daily routine activities. Having back pain can affect your complete lifestyle, where generally you’ll be unable to participate in activities due to the pain it causes.

For some who suffer from back pain, the condition does not often last long. If they do, then consult a doctor as the pain may very well be a symptom of more serious disorder.

Pain management methods can in some cases be used to achieve back pain relief. These treatments range from non-prescription drugs to massage therapies and traditional remedies such as acupuncture or yoga.

Methods used for lower back pain relief:

Contrary to popular belief, while many believe that rest is the absolute best for back pain, what it really needs is exercise. Regular exercise relieves the pain by strengthening stomach muscles as well that support the back and stretching back muscles to support the spine that helps prevent future injuries.

The more the back is rested, the weaker the back becomes. Ask your doctor for a reference list of the exercises used or approach a professional that can teach you these exercises that include swimming and walking as well as movement therapies and exercises to develop proper posture.

To manage pain try walking short distances and stretching. Keep mobile and use a stationary bike as well as swim as often as you can.

Losing Weight
If you happen to have a few extra excess kilograms, these can add to back pain. Losing some weight can give relief. Get your muscles in shape and improve your posture when walking, sitting, standing or sleeping.

Physical Therapy
Sometimes the most common forms of back pain treatment, don’t provide the desired relief. Physical therapy is a method of lower back pain treatment that uses a specialized techniques, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage, exercise and heat in order to relieve muscle spasms, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, relieve pain, and accelerate the healing process.

Massage Therapy
Recent studies show that massage therapy is more effective than both chiropractic and acupuncture for relieving pain due to muscle spasms. The benefits of massage therapy include improved circulation, which helps alleviate muscle soreness; muscle relaxation, which helps muscles move without pain; and increased endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers.

Water Therapy Hydrotherapy for back pain relief, does so by loosening the muscles and reducing the body of toxins that produce pain and inflammation. Water exercise therapy has many benefits. The buoyancy of water supports the patient’s weight, allowing a wider range of motion when the person has too much pain to exercise out of water.

Water exercise therapy is ideal for anyone in need of relief from back pain. Additionally, the water temperature should be warm enough to relax muscles, which also helps relieve pain. Warm baths are excellent for relieving milder forms of backache.

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