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Attract Men: Waist To Hip Ratio - part 3

Posted Jul 08 2009 9:50pm

For the final installment of 'Attract Men: Waist To Hip Ratio' we are going to explore how to improve this ratio through a comprehensive and integrated workout program.

But, before we begin let's review what we have learned from the two previous posts:

1. Men tend to prefer a low waist to hip ratio, specifically around 0.7

2. Men would also prefer to have more hair on their head than their back, but just like getting a woman with a 0.7 waist to hip ain't gonna happen!

3. This ratio is not a realistic goal for the majority of women and the goal  ratio should be .85 or less for the positive impact on health - not male gender. 

Okay, now back to workout tips to improve and lower our waist to hip ratio.

I hate to reference a hip-hop artists twice in three posts, but too many individuals are following the workout philosophies of Sir Mix-A-Lot!

In his song, 'Baby Got Back', Sir Mix-a-Lot raps...

'You can do side bends and sit ups, but please don't lose that butt!'

Sir Mix-A-Lot thinks that you can lower your waist to hip ratio by only working your trouble areas (spot training) and skipping everything else if you want to tone or slim down. 

Sorry my man, I wish this and your career were legitimate - but neither are.

To lose inches and lean out you need a comprehensive, holistic program:

Nutrition - It all starts with diet, you can never out exercise poor nutrition. Especially when what you eat and drink influences 60-70% of your success. 

Cardio Training - The more the merrier, this is your biggest calorie burner. Pair long slow cardio days with short fast cardio days. Change machines to also keep your body guessing and burning the highest amount of calories possible. Go get stuck in 'maintenance mode' keep turning it up by going longer, faster, using more resistance, or adding incline.

Total Body Strength Training - At a minimum 2x/week, with at least 2 sets per each a major muscle group for 15-20 repetitions. Also, don't rest more than 30 seconds between each exercise! 

Core & Abdominal Training - Yes, you can and should do core and abdominal exercises to create muscle in the desired area - but it should not be what you are spending all of your workout time doing! Planks can be done every day, but crunches, twists, and leg raises are an every other day thing.

Yoga, Spinning, Pilates, Kickboxing  - Throw in some variety and intensity with an instructor lead group exercise class 

Measure & Track - Not every day, things need time to work. Measure every 4 to 6 weeks to see the most significant changes, which lead to positive reinforcement and renewed motivation.

There you have it!

Best of luck and use 'waist to hip ratio' as an indication of your fitness level and health risk.

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