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Attract Men: Waist To Hip Ratio - part 2

Posted Jul 07 2009 9:55pm

My post yesterday discussed a recent New York Times article that reported that men prefer females (by attractiveness) that have a 0.7 waist to hip ratio.

Have you even heard of a waist to hip ratio?!

It's something that I measure and track on almost all of my clients, but more for it's influence on health risk than aesthetics. 

A 0.7 waist to hip ratio for a female is pretty darn unrealistic for the majority to achieve.


Because the best example of a female with that low of a waist to hip ratio is...


If Barbie were a real woman she'd be 6 foot, 100 pounds, wear a size 4 and have the following measurements:

chest - 39

waist - 20

hips -  30

Her waist to hip ratio would be .66

And one academic calculated a woman's chances of having Barbie's figure would be 1 in 100,000

My point?

This 0.7 or lower waist to hip ratio is about as real as the Barbie Ferrari, her Malibu Dream House and the dreamy Ken combined.

Everyone get over it!

Stop obsessing about getting the woman with that ratio or being that woman.

No one should aim to achieve something so ridiculous.

Healthy is sexy.

So let's all bring sexy back, sorry J.T.

The waist to hip ratios you should really care about are the following:

0.80 or below (Low Health Risk)

0.81 to 0.85  (Moderate Health Risk)

0.85+ (High Health Risk)


0.95 or below (Low Health Risk)

0.96 to 1.0  (Moderate Health Risk)

1.0+  (High Health Risk)

Higher waist to hip ratios can lead to higher risk for heart disease and other chronic diseases.

It's a good idea to track this as you would your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

Come back tomorrow to learn about how to improve your waist to hip ratio! 

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