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Atlanta Falcons Head to Super Bowl XLVIII

Posted Sep 09 2013 4:07pm

The only thing better than reading the headline about the Atlanta Falcons heading to the Super Bowl in 2014 is:


If you’re a Falcons fan you know that isn’t a far-fetched goal or a pipe dream, its real and its happening now as the season kicks off and the team begins their road to victory.

I have to say, they are focused! Heck, they even got Tony Gonzales to come out of retirement. I admire their single focus and determination to meet their goal. If you ask any of the players on the team, I’m sure that they will tell you that the goal isn’t to win games, it’s to win the Super Bowl! Singular Focus!

The goal of the Falcons to not only reach, but win the Super Bowl is similar to the way you must approach your own weight loss goal.

First, you have to decide what the real goal is.

Singular focus in what you want to accomplish, along with the determination to do it equals success.

I am no expert when it comes to football and how to play the game. BUT, I can watch a game, along with my husband, and know what’s happening on the field. So, although I may not know the exact plan the Falcons have to win Super Bowl XLVIII, I know what it takes to achieve any weight loss goal…it takes a plan.

Not just, “I’m going to eat better and get to the gym more.” I’m talking real deal, sit down and write it up, think about it for a good long while, put into practice –plan. If you don’t plan, you WILL fail.

Your plan has to include:

What good is going through all this hard work and commitment and you don’t have an end game? Come on, get with it! Although you think just losing the weight is enough, it really isn’t. You have to concentrate on what your life will be like AFTER you lose the weight verses what it’s like NOW with the weight on. Concentrate on the feelings and sense of accomplishment and pride you’ll feel once you lose this weight. Why? Because the more you concentrate on how good it will be AFTER, the better you’ll be equipped to keep the weight from coming back as you bask in the AFTER long and longer.

The football season has begun but have you started your weight loss journey? That’s the major sticking point for most people, just getting started. I’m going to help you put aside all the excuses and just get started on the journey you’ve wanted to embark on for so long.

For the next 12 weeks, I’m going to be facilitating the “Choose to Move” program. It’s free to participate and all you need to do is tune in, click, download and get moving.

The program kicks off this Wednesday, September 11, 2014 on the Fit4Life Radio show at 1:00pm EST. On the show, we’ll discuss how to get started with your health and fitness plan. After the show, you’ll log onto the OBSFitBlog to get your workout for the week, then join us on Facebook as we discuss how it’s going and provide you with encouragement to keep going.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered when starting your weight loss journey?

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