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Athletes in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Posted Aug 11 2008 9:00pm

The 2008 Olympics have finally began and I am very excited to watch all the amazing athletes compete at their chosen sports. I am a huge fan of any strength and power or combat events, so the Olympics has a lot to offer. My favourites are judo, wrestling, boxing, track and field and of course Olympic weightlifting. My biggest beef with Olympic coverage is that these events get very little coverage at the expense of endless hours of gymnasts and swimming. Now I have nothing against these sports, but I do resent the amount of coverage they get compared to the sports I want to watch.
That being said, the men's gymnastics was being played this morning and I have to say I was truly amazed. Like I said, I love displays of strength and power and man, do these guys ever have that and then some! The floor routines were an unbelievable display of relative strength, power and even flexibility! These guys are super human! I was also stunned at their physiques. For all the time bodybuilders spend trying to look pretty, these guys are jacked and athletic. It reminds me of the time I was working at a gym and this gymnastics camp came in. One of the counsellors, a competitive gymnast was helping the kids and my eyes were drawn to his arms. They were the most muscular arms I had ever seen! How many biceps curls and triceps push downs do you think this guy has done? He probably doesn't even know what they are.
What's my point? Well, beyond the stating the obvious fact that gymnasts are built like Greek statues and can perform amazing athletic feats, I think there is something we can learn here. To build a great physique you can think and train outside the box. Get a pair of rings and do a bunch of work hanging from them. Spend some time learning body weight exercises and become proficient at walking on your hands. Your physique will develop quickly because it will be totally new and shock it into adapting, plus gymnastic type strength training is damn challenging.
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