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Asthma Treatment Guidelines: Pollen And The Air We Breathe

Posted Jul 23 2010 4:29am

Humans are social creatures and as social creatures it is a part of our daily lives to travel. It may be halfway across the world for business or vacation, or it may be just next door for a visit. The fact is, we travel everyday in order to conduct business, socialize, or just about to do anything else. While this is nothing special to most people, to asthma sufferers, daily travel also brings about the fear of triggering an attack caused by allergens in the plants, the animals, in the food they eat, or even the air they breathe.

One of the most common allergens is pollen. These almost non visible, egg-shaped powdery grains can be found in most flowering plants, grass and trees. Making it almost impossible to avoid no matter where you go and no matter what the season. The other reason is because they get carried by the wind during the peak pollen seasons.

In general, there are two main types of pollen; the waxy, large type and the small, dry type. The previous is mostly carried by birds, animals, and insects in order to pollinate while the latter gets carried by the wind easily because of their feature. This type of pollen gets disseminated through the air and can spread quickly and easily.

It is usually the season that dictates what type of pollens are spreading around, while climate determines the amount of pollen that can be present in the air. In short it means that no matter the time, place, weather, and season there will always be pollens floating in the air.

Since its unavoidable, knowledge and preparation will be your key to having a worry free travel. If you need to go out bring something to cover your face in order to minimize the chances of an asthma attack by inhaling an allergen. If youre going to be taking a vacation on other places or countries, it would be wise to do a little research first to know what allergens will be present and what times are best for you to take the trip. Dont forget to bring the medication just in case. Knowledge and preparation will always be your best defense against asthma.

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