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As seen on The Wendy Williams Show: Raven Simone Reveals Her Secret To Her Weight Loss

Posted May 17 2011 11:30am

Raven-Symone, former child star on “The Cosby Show” and now all grown-up star of “The Great State of Georgia” which airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30 c starting June 29th on ABC Family, reported that she “stopped stressing,” Raven says of how she began to slim down. As reported by JuSt iNk on their blog yesterday.

Stress can cause weight gain:

Regardless of the reason, stress is a way of life in the 21st century. And for some people, the effects go beyond feelings of anxiety and discomfort. For these people, stress can mean facing each day ravenously hungry — and adding weight gain to their list of worries. Read more>>

So What’s the Connection between Stress and Weight Loss?

Is there a connection between stress and weight loss? According to a study by the National Institutes of Health , it’s easier to lose weight if you have less stress in your life. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, but it helps drive home the point. Of course, no one likes stress, so this just gives you an additional reason to control it. On a related note, the study also indicated that people who sleep at least 6 hours per night can more easily lose weight . Read more>>

Cortisol and Stress

Cortisol is elevated in response to stress. The adrenal glands are not particular, any kind of stress will do. The stress can be physical, environmental, chemical or imaginary. The human brain is hard wired with automatic responses to protect the body from harm. The classic work on stress was done by Dr. Hans Selye, M.D. He studied the physiological consequences of stress in rats and transferred that research data into a human model. Read More>>

Here are three stress-free ways to kick  weight loss in the butt!

1. Focus on gradual loss. I mentioned this above, but it’s important. Too many people focus on trying to lose weight fast — 10 pounds in 4 weeks, 20 pounds in 2 months, etc. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t work, because even if you are able to lose that much weight that fast, you haven’t learned sustainable eating habits that will last you a lifetime. The key is to figure out an eating pattern than will work for you for the rest of your life. Again, if you focus on losing 1-2 pounds per week, you will lose between 50-100 pounds per year. You just have to be willing to wait a year, but trust me, a year goes by pretty fast these days (I think it’s inflation or something).

2. Focus on nutrition. Exercise is important. You have to do it. It has wonderful benefits. But if your focus is on weight loss, the most important factor is what you eat. Don’t ignore exercise, by any means, but if you focus on exercise and think you can eat whatever you want, you’re wrong. You have to focus on nutrition (what you eat) and use exercise as a way to supplement the calorie burn and to get your body looking how you want it to look (not to mention as a key way to get healthy and feel great).

The reason: you can change how many calories you take in to a much greater degree than you can change how many calories you burn. Thirty minutes of exercise, for example, can burn less than a medium McDonald’s fries. Lose the fries, and you’ve done in a few seconds what would take 30 minutes of exercise to accomplish.

3. Become aware of your hunger. This is one of the key things I’ve been learning. Many times we are not conscious of how hungry we are. We ignore our bodies because we’re too busy thinking about other things. As a result, we only eat when we’re famished, and that’s not a good time to eat, because you don’t make healthy eating decisions when you’re super hungry. Your blood-sugar level is too low, and your body just wants a quick sugar fix — a donut or some cookies or white bread or a Coke will be much more appealing than a salad or healthy sandwich on whole grain bread.

Learn to listen to your body, and be aware of your hunger when it’s in its early stages. This is a key skill to weight loss, something the other plans don’t tell you about. They tell you what to eat and when, but don’t teach you how to use your body’s signals to learn to eat healthier. Read the other 9 stress-free ways to kick  weight loss in the butt!

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