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As a child, I remember one of my...

Posted Sep 28 2008 6:04pm

Ice cream truck As a child, I remember one of my favorite things about summer was the sound of the ice cream truck just blocks away from my home. I knew in time the truck would make its way down my block. I would race inside to get some change out of the house. If I had not already spent all of my allowance, I would use some of it for my ice cream purchase. If I had already spent it all, I would ask my mom (or another available relative) for change and squeal with excitement about how the ice cream truck was on its way.

Most all of the other children were busy running into their home to gather change as well. In my old neighborhood, we knew to expect the Good Humor and/or Mister Softee ice cream truck on a daily basis. Come rain or shine they showed up without fail. Whether it was the sound of the ringing bells of the Good Humor truck or the unforgettable theme played by Mister Softee, it was all great sounding music to us children.

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