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Arnold, the NHL and a piece of ROPE (workouts that capture the imagination)

Posted May 20 2010 12:00am
Hey guys, here is another Scott Sonnon newsletter and video.

Where I grew up, most kids worshiped professional hockey players,
and they trudged off to the rink each night to chase their NHL
dreams. But not me. I was inspired by the old time strongmen and
bodybuilders. Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger made me want to train.

I remember reading a cool story about how Arnold and his buddies
would race through the woods in their native Austria and cut down a
small tree, then do squats with it until they couldn't walk.

Not a very intelligent way to train perhaps... But the idea of
setting off into the wilderness with simple equipment and getting a
gym-quality workout has always captured my imagination. There's
something primal about it -- it represents absolute

When Scott first showed me the exercises in his new ROPE program,
that same sense of excitement washed over me again. I immediately
went out and bought my own length of rope so I could start training
the movements THAT DAY! - Check it out now!

ROPE brought back feelings I hadn't felt since I was a teenager.
The freedom to train wherever and whenever I wanted, no matter what
the local health club's hours or how many people were waiting for
the bench. And that smell of pine needles and grass stains on my
elbows seemed so much healthier than canned indoor air. I felt
energized and excited about exercise in a way I hadn't felt in

That's kinda what TACFIT ROPE means to me.

Yeah, it's an amazing workout. Yeah, I'm getting shredded -
building whipcord forearms and a well defined back. And yeah, the
moves are secret agent cool, and all these real life tactical guys
swear by them.

But I just wanted my freedom back, and that sense of possibility I
felt as a child.

It's funny how the smell of summer grass stains manages to stay
with you.

Who Dares Wins!

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