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Posted Aug 24 2008 4:05pm

army physical fitness

army physical fitness is a popular thing. Popular in that many people know the workouts are tough since they have to be, after all you're "in the army now".Army physical fitness is a legendary but what does it consist of?

While most people think that bodyweight training and long jogs make up all of the training that goes on in the army, that isn't correct. They do have weight rooms these days but bodyweight training makes a good amount of their training. Lets look at a typical bodyweight exercise routine that would make up a army physical fitness program.

Push-ups-As many as you can for 60 seconds.

Chin-ups-Max. Keep going until you can't go anymore.

Close Grip Push-ups-As many as you can for 60 seconds

I could keep going on and on but I hope you get the point. The main thing behind army physical fitness is that you can do any exercise in the world, it doesn't matter but you must push yourself past your physical limits.

That's my point here. Army physical fitness is made out to be a exclusive, secretive thing. There's nothing secretive about it except that the guys get pushed past their limits.

Once you continually get pushed past your limits in anything you have no choice but to grow.


P.S- It's why The Physique Formula comes with a bodyweight program fit to be done in your garage with no equipment.

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