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Arm Exercises For Inexperienced Body builders

Posted Jun 01 2010 10:15pm
Plenty of people new to bodybuilding give lots of focus on building large arms, at times to the point of over training. Do remember, the arm muscle groups are brought into play during the majority of exercises aimed at other areas of the body so proper care should be used to not overdo things.

Having said that, the biceps are sophisticated areas of the body themselves and are worthy of a correctly concentrated exercise routine. In simple terms the arm consists of 3 major muscle groups:

There are seven classic workouts that will allow the beginner to get off to an effective muscle building start off without over straining their bodies. For all of the workouts that follow, make use of a weight that’s light enough to permit between 10-15 reps.

3 biceps building workouts are recommended for the beginner:

3 triceps building workouts are suitable for first-timers:

One forearm building exercise is recommended for any beginner:

Just like almost all workouts you have to take care in scheduling certain parts of the body. To begin with you ought to combine your arm workout routines into a routine similar to the one proposed below:

  • Day 1: Biceps, Back, Abs
  • Day 2: Hamstrings, Shoulders, Abs
  • Day 3: Quads, Forearms, Calves
  • Day 4: Triceps, Chest, Abs

For the initial couple of weeks finish one set however, add one set each week to a maximum of 3. At the end of 3 months you will be able to move on to a lot more serious intermediate stage exercises.

There are tons of ways to keeping fit and building a better body, only your imagination can put limits on your options. For more in depth information about resistance training and building muscle – Click Here !

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