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Are You Rusting Away? 99% of peo...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

Are You Rusting Away?
99% of people suffer from oxidative stress and don't even know it. Oxdiative stress or "Rust" is a condition caused by free radicals which results from stress, poor diet and even exercise. Why is it defined as "rust"? Our body rusts on the inside the exact same way that a car does on the outside. Just look at some of the symptoms caused by rust, it is an underlining factor
-Poor Mental function
-Joint Pain
-Muscle Weakness
-Fat gain
I'm sure some heads turned on that last one. Before we can treat it we need to know how bad it is. Read over the following quiz and give yourself a score of "1" for every answer that is a yes. If your finaly score is 03- then your condition is low. if it is 4-6 then it is moderate and 7+ pretty much means you suck. No, I'm kidding, all it means is that you have some work to do.
The quiz comes from the book "Ultra-metabolism" by Dr.Mark Hyman
Are you fatigued on a regular basis?
Are you sensitive to perfume,smoke or other chemical or fumes?
Do you regularly experience deep muscle or joint pain?
Are you exposed to a significant level of environmental pollutants or chemicals at home or at work?
Do you use tobacco?
Are you exposed to secondhand smoke?
Do you drink more then 3 alcoholic beverages a week?
Is your daily stress level high?
Do you eat high fat foods?
Do you eat yes then five to nine servings of deeply colored vegetables and fruits a day?
Are you exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light more then one hour a week?
Do you exercise less than 1/2 hour three times a week?
Do you take prescription, over the counter and/or recreational drugs?
Do you tend to over eat often?
How did you do?
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