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Are You Locking Your Knees – Prevent and Stop Spider Veins & Varicose Veins

Posted Jan 16 2013 12:00am

While standing at work I noticed that I had been locking my knees more and more.  I also noticed that I had an increased amount of popping up.  After researching I found that locking your knees has some horrible side affects!  Not to mention that decreased circulation can create other harmful issues.  Use these fitness tips to preserve  your health and your appearance!

  •  Locking your knees can cause a host of problems in your knees and also in your legs, hips, and spine. It over stretches the ligaments, causes hyperextension stresses the front of the knee joint surfaces and weakens the quadriceps muscles.
  •  Over time, locking your knees can cause deeper hyper-extension, ligament strains or tears, cartilage degeneration (including meniscus damage), and arthritis of the knee joint or kneecap.
  • Standing with your knees locked can lead to excess pressure on your heels and the front of your shins, which can lead to inflammation and possibly even shin splints.
  • Locking out your knees cuts off the blood flow to the brain and may make  you pass out.
  • Decreased circulation due to locking your knees creates pressure in the veins which may lead to spider veins and vericos veins.
  causes of spider veins

  • Heredity.
  • Occupations that involve a lot of standing, such as nurses, hair stylists, teachers, and factory workers.
  • Obesity.
  • Hormonal influences during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause.
  • The use of birth control pills.
  • Postmenopausal hormonal replacement.
  • A history of blood clots.
  • Conditions that cause increased pressure in the abdomen including tumors, constipation, and externally worn garments like girdles.

Other reported causes include trauma or injury to the skin, previous vein surgery, and exposure to ultraviolet rays ( spider veins & varicose veins source ).


Most men and women want to keep their appearance intack for as long as possible!!  Locking your knees and decreasing circulation is one of the worst things you can do for your vanity!   If you want to avoid locking out your knees, then this will take practice.

Step 1 :  Be aware of how you hold your body.   Where are your shoulders?  they should be back and down.  Where is your head?  It should be aligned with your spine.  The hips should be centered, not forward or back.  Toes should always be pointing straight ahead (not out to the sides).

Step 2:  Keep your knees slightly bent at all times.  This allows the blood to continually flow through out the body.

Step 3: DON’T cross your legs!   Yeah I know that seems un lady like BUT you can still sit with your legs together without having to cross them.

Step 4: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!  It has been said that it takes 21 days to break a habit so be diligent about this one!!!   You could even set an hourly reminder to keep yourself on track!

Step 5:  Keep your blood pressure in the healthy range.  High blood pressure put excessive pressure on your veins.  This constant strain lead to broken blood vessels and poor circulation.  Healthy veins are an asset to your body and will keep spider veins and varicose veins away!


You don’t have to look like a super model to want to take care of your body and preserve it for generations to come!  These small tips can keep you in shorts well into your 70′s!   Take them to heart and share them with your friends and family!  Don’t forget to repin this and find us on pinterest !




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