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Are you having trouble sleeping?...

Posted Sep 29 2008 10:36pm

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you wake up tired? Does it seem like you are putting in more hours of work every day but you just can't seem to catch up? Do you find yourself getting sleepy in the middle of the afternoon, irritable with other people if they delay you in the late afternoon, or staying awake at Bedroom   night and thinking about what you need to do the next day? If you are not getting enough rest, and the right kind of rest, it can slow your productivity, impair your decisions and affect your outlook. There are things that you can do to gain control.

It is admirable to be dedicated and hard working. Long hours and lack of sleep do not necessarily contribute to more productivity. On the contrary, if you exhaust your body and begin to perform below your peak capacity, then you will accomplish less in more hours of work. Sometimes a little extra time is necessary, but it is also appropriate to maintain a proper balance with the right amount of rest. Anything less and you are cheating yourself, your coworkers and the people who depend on you.

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