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Are You Afraid of Getting Big and Bulky Muscles?

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:40pm

angback When I sit down with my clients and talk about their goals, they all want to tone up, but not get too bulky. When I tell them that we will be lifting heavy weights, they get nervous. I then reassure them that they will NOT bulk up unless they are taking steroids, eating a TON of calories or working out for hours on end! But, what lifting heavy weights will get them is sexy shoulder, awesome biceps, lean, sexy legs and nicely shaped triceps. I lift heavy and I am no where near being big and bulky and you know what…I LOVE the way lifting heavy weights makes me feel! I feel strong and inferior and that along with looking great..its enough for me to keep increasing the weight!

Here is how I “transformed” my clients way of thinking of lifting heavy weights!

julie-bicep Girls can’t lift heavy weights, can they?!  Of course they can!! It must have been a silly boy that started that myth…  However, there are a number of women (including my two sisters) that continue to believe this!  They think that lifting heavy weights will leave them looking like a bodybuilder or give them “Popeye” arms.  It’s just not the case!  That would require an extreme number of hours in the gym and an enormous calorie intake.  For the past 14 months I have lifted progressively heavier weight on a regular basis.  Now I’m not talking about benching 350…  but “heavy” being curls and shoulder presses with 15lb dumbbells, seated rows with 70lbs on the stack and bench pressing 65lbs.  The result?  Sure, if I flex, you see muscles (beautiful muscles!)  Mostly though, I just have toned arms and sexy shoulders.  Don’t be afraid!  Those sleeveless shirts hiding in the back of your closet will thank you.

Thanks Julie!! You look GREAT!!

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