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Are you a morning exerciser or an evening exerciser?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

A recent study showed that workouts were more effective in the evening as opposed to morning workouts. What do you think? I like to work out early.
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Morning workouts for me!. I feel like my body responds better to morning workouts, perhaps because I haven't eaten too too much that early in the day-just enough to keep my energy up.
NIGHT, but wish were MORNING. I have heard a million times that exercising in the morning is much better than at night. Here is my list of logical reasons: 1) You get it done with so there is less room for procrastination 2) You end up in a better mood for the rest of the day 3) Your sense of pride for actually waking up and exercising increases 4) It is much more calm with the cold brisk air and sun not too bright 5) Your eating habits for the day will be better because you dont want your exercise to go to waste. Bad reasons: 1) Unless youre a morning person, it is much easier to sleep in and skip exercise 2) It is harder to fit into a work schedule. And my logic to working out at night...Good 1) It helps me get tired so when I take my night shower and lay in bed I am actually worn out enough to sleep 2) It is easier with my schedule 3) I am definitely not a morning person unless I HAVE to get up, say for work 4) the nice cool air is great! Bad 1) The gym is usually packed because most people usually have work during the day 2) You dont eat well during the day because you figure you can just burn it off during yoru night exercise 3) Taking a long walk at night makes me more paranoid than relaxed like in the day 4) It is once again, easier to just go to sleep I am an evening exerciser but if I had the motivation I would sure like to become a morning one.
Afternoons or Evenings. I prefer afternoons or evenings but I am not a morning person for the most part. It also depends on what it is. For surfing, mornings, because the wind picks up and ruins the surf after 11 am. I also prefer to go for a bike ride in the mornings (late morning) due to the wind as well. If I swim I like to go in the afternoons. For yoga I prefer to do evening classes, and I will often do my home yoga practice in the evenings.
Evening!. I do not function well in the morning, so evenings are much better for me to do anything! I just have more energy later in the day; I am naturally hardwired to function in the afternoon/night. If I didn't have a toddler to wake up with, I would still be on the stay up late, wake up late schedule, but that's just what works for me. I am much more motivated AFTER noon. That said, I think that I could handle daytime yoga. Though I definitely prefer kickboxing to remain a nighttime activity, I'm sure I could function well enough in order to enjoy for morning yoga, as it would likely rejuvenate me for the day.
Afternoon. I usually work out in the evenings. Everything I've read says that it's better to workout in the morning to be energized for your day and so that things don't come up during the day that get in the way of your routine - but I'm NOT a morning person and I've been able to go pretty consistently 4- 5 times a week. The only exception is weekend mornings - I prefer to get my workout in the morning and then go on with my day.
Working the Schedule in for Work Outs. As a mom, I work out when it works for my daughter. Of late it has been afternoons, although I know the morning work outs are better if you want to loose fat--I don't need to lose fat. No matter when a person works out, it's better than not working out. If your lifestyle changes, your work outs better align or the works outs will fall behind. Being a mom while my daughter grows and her priorities changes, my work outs stay in, I just adjust scheduling and make it all work. On the weekends, I still go for the morning work outs when my husband can be with my daughter.
Both. Personally, I prefer working out in the morning because my metabolism gets a jumpstart early, and I have a great energy boost for the remainder of my day. Unfortunately, I also love to take my time getting ready in the morning, which isn't always a possibility because of work, so I generally work out in the evenings during the week. However, I try to work out well before 10 am on weekends.
Mornings for sure. I am doing the Ashtanga mysore classes every morning 6:30 to 8:30 and am loving it. It starts my day in the best stress free way possible. When I try and go to afternoon classes, it is a struggle and I always question whether I should go. With the morning classes, I am just there ready to go!
Mornings Only. But I used to workout in the evenings only. Funny you should ask though, because lately I have been thinking I need to expand my exercise horizons because my mornings have started to get busier than my evenings! Evening can be better because you can't overeat and then workout!
Both...but morning is better. I like doing exercise both morning and evening, depending on the classes available. Ultimately though, I feel that when I get up and workout in the morning, it sets me up for the day. I also never question when I am exercising in the morning. On the other hand, when I am on my way to a class in the evening I start thinking about all of the other things I could be doing and wondering if I really need to be going at all.
Why were evenin workouts more effective?
I think it's most effective to find the workout time that fits your body's clock and rhythm. Mine is evening: a couple hours between 8pm & midnight. I'll get up at O-dark-hundred to get to the mountains for a hike or xc-ski on the weekend, but when I tried to row early, (before the wind comes up on the lake in SF and) before work, I was crashing mid-morning -- tired and sleepy. Not energizing at all. Ditto with my kids, when they rowed in high school -- all the h.s. teachers knew who the kids were who had been up since 5am out on the lake -- they were all dragging in their morning classes.
Morning workouts, and I definitely like to watch First Take at the gym while I'm doing cardio. I'm trying to take new classes which aren't always at the same time (or in the morning) and fitting them into my schedule is harder if it's in the afternoon, particularly if I'm facing traffic on the way to the gym!

Hi Mary Ann,

I'm not sure which study you're referring to and what the definition of "evening" would be. Although some studies show that workouts later in the day are more 'beneficial', others tout a morning workout as a great 'metabolic starter' to the day. Circadian rhytm experts, like Dr. Zee at Northwestern University has shown that muscle strength is highest in the afternoon. Dr. Vitiello at Washington University agrees stating that between 2-4pm, body temperature is 1-2 degrees higher than it is in the morning, hence increased performance as well as reduction of risk for injury.

Most exercise professionals would agree that regardless of what 'studies' show, the most important element in any workout routine is consistency. Some individuals find that they are tired from the day in the evening and find it easier to 'blow off' a workout after a hard day. So if you're an 'early workout' person on a consistent basis, then stick with it.

Debi P

Your best time to exercise is your personal best time. I am a morning person, and I like to be in my jammies after work. So, I suffer through the extra-early morning wake-up, which really helps me wake up, and I feel better all day. For some people, early mornings are too hard. People that are naturally night owls or who don't get enough sleep may find early morning to be too tough. Every body is different, so there is no advice that works for everyone. Except that you SHOULD get some way.

I would love to exercise before work but...I already get up at 5:30am to get to work at 7am. So I turn into a lunchtime or after work exerciser.

thats so funny I just happened to read an article in a fitness magazine that said the exact opposite, that mornings were best!

That is funny. I've always seen Morning as the most effective, but I agree with Carrie H. It's whatever time works best for each one of us. I am not a morning person. Oh, how I've tried to make it work, but I'm more successful during mid-morning and evenings. This really has changed with kids. I find dropping them off mid-morning (to play with kids as active as they are) is a perfect break up time for us at home and I get revitalized for the rest of the day's activities with them.

I've started to do both -- Tuesday nights, Thursday mornings. I still prefer mornings, but I was excited to learn that night time isn't so bad -- I take a class in the evening, so that I don't have to self motivate quite as much...
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