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Are Triceps Extensions On A Machine Effective For Losing Arm Flab?

Posted Sep 29 2010 11:19pm

The back of your arm, or the triceps area, is the one area where you really want to focus on. Why? Because that is where arm flab hangs from. And if you really want to get rid of arm flab fast, you have to know which movements are worthwhile.

And with all the advice out there some women are simply lost.

The reality is that many women are utterly lost and confused when it comes to picking the right exercises for reducing flabby arms. All the opinions leave some women paralyzed with indecision.

So ignore the hype and read my analysis of machine triceps extensions for losing arm flab:

1. Summary: This is an excellent exercise for toning the triceps. It mainly works the long head of the triceps-the exact area where arm fat hangs from. The only thing you have to watch out for with this exercise is maintaining good from.

2. How to do it: Stand erect facing away from the machine. Grasp the machines bar with an overhand grip. Maintain your arms behind your head. Dig into the ground with your heels and extend your arms. Then slowly return the bar to the starting position. Repeat.

3. High frequency errors: Not keeping the elbows locked in place. Allowing the abs to loosen up and the back deviate from its natural alignment. Trying to push through the movement even though the triceps are completely fatigued. And allowing the head to droop forward.

4. To do or not to do: Any women wishing to reduce flabby arms should do this exercise on a regular basis with heavy weights. And remember that heavy weights will produce the fastest results. The good news is that you can go heavy with this exercise and have very little risk of injury. Not too many exercises will allow you to do this.

For the fastest results you have to perform the most effective exercises. Anything less and you’ll have to spend more time and energy trying to lose arm flab. Even worse, if you do the wrong exercises you could significantly increase your risk of injury. So stick to basic exercises that allow you to use heavy weights with minimal risk of injury.

Author Katherine Crawford, a Harvard exercise physiologist and former flabby arms sufferer, instructs women on how to get rid of arm flab . Discover how to get sexy and toned arms by exploring her website about how to get rid of flabby arms right now!

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