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Are There Any Easy Calorie Shifting Meal Planning Tips?

Posted Feb 27 2010 10:31pm
The problem of excess fat can not be solved by simply joining a diet program. You must plan meals that provide your body with the maximum nutritional benefits and in as few calories as possible to effectively lose weight. This article will give you four meal planning tips for a diet that successfully shifts calories from your diet.

Food intake is not restricted to the bare minimum in the calorie shifting diet, but continuing to eat and eat is not something you should do either. Overeating is not permitted! A rule to follow to healthy eating is eat only what is needed to satisfy hunger, do not eat just because it’s there.

People that are over-eaters are this way for many reasons on being that they just like the taste of the food not because they are hungry. Overeating will cause you to be overweight, you should remember. Know when and how to tell yourself that you have had enough.

You must plan and organize your meals with care: It’s not as easy to plan meals for the calorie shifting diet as with other programs. Four meals are eaten each day on the calorie shifting diet. Many different food groups should be covered at each meal. Be sure to Eat healthy and to eat smart with lean meats, dairy, fruits and veggies is what your body needs throughout the day to keep it working in optimal shape. In addition, you should make up a meal plan that balances both high- and low-calorie foods in each meal.

Change up your meals throughout the day so that it keeps you interested. A good example of this looks at sources for fat. To get the fat intake you need at each meal try dairy at the first, red meat at the second, oily fish at the third, and finally pasta at the fourth.

I know some may think “wow I can dairy and Pasta” with this program it is possible! In this type of diet all types of food are permitted. You just have to be sure to plan and group your meals in a way that does not take you past the limit set each day for calories.

Keeping you meals separated can help keep the excess calories low so that the body fat does not become piled back on and then you won’t run the risk of overeating. You should plan your meals so that there are two to three hours that pass between one meal and the next. This will not only help you to control your weight, but will ensure that the food you have eaten is properly digested.

Fourth, give yourself permission to cheat. The way this diet works is that you group and plan your meals according to the calorie shifting diet for eleven straight days, and then for three days you can eat what ever you want. You are allowed to eat the foods you want for those three days. Please remember to quit eating when you are full, even on your cheat days or you will gain back some of, all of, or even more than the weight you lost on the previous eleven days.

In order to stay healthy and be safe, be sure the calorie deficit you create is between 500 calories and 1,000 calories as described in the Fat Loss 4 Idiot Review . If you want more information for weight loss or are interested in seeing which online weight loss programs are the best, simply visit Burn the Feed the Muscle .

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