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Are Eggs Good for You, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Posted Mar 05 2012 11:51pm


Do you eat eggs?  You know, one of the foods that doctors and other health professionals have said were good for you, bad for you, great for you, terrible for you, blah blah blah. How can that little white spherical object that contains golden goodness be so bad?  When the yoke cracks it’s like a ray of sunshine breaking through on a cloudy day.  So back to the important question… do you eat eggs?


Back at the end of January I posted an article on the importance of eggs in weight loss written by Yoga Regimen .  Just how does the incredible edible egg promote weight loss? Weight loss after eating eggs occurs for a number of reasons.  First, eggs promote satiety or the feeling of being full (1).  Second, eggs are such a high quality source of protein that they pack quite the nutritional punch (1)!  All well and good, but are they good for you?


According to Dr. Katz, MD, the director of the Yale Prevention Research Center  ”eggs are no longer the bad guy.” (2)  He goes on to state that “cholesterol in food only makes a negligible contribution to the cholesterol levels in our blood”  and that studies have been shown that no association exists between eating eggs and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.  They recommend eating a whole egg or two a day to reap full benefit of the sunshine goodness’s array of vitamins (D, B) and protein that exists in the yolk.

So, do you like eggs?

References 1) Yoga Regimen.  (2012).  Why You Should Eat Eggs For Breakfast. 2) “Why Eggs Are Actually Good For You.”  (March, 2012).  Health. pg. 17. Photos courtesy Simon Howden /


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