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April 30th - Back to Tracking

Posted May 01 2009 10:02pm

Today was a great day until I started drinking. Surprise surprise. We're getting down to only a few people and we can't really go out and do much due to the flu floating around here so we go to the bar at the hotel and drink. I actually didn't drink that much. I wasn't drunk. But there were nuts around and those are a SERIOUS down fall for me. They put something on the nuts that make them soooo addictive plus I just love nuts.

I got some good sleep last night though, had a good workout, and came into work late. I feel good! Much better than all the drunks from last night who are hung over today.

The hotel here seems surprisingly full. They've closed down clubs and restaurants that hold more than 80 people and are indoors. I'm totally fine with not going to the clubs this weekend. They have not been much fun lately. I've heard a rumor that someone died here from the swine flu and that there are people in the hospital with it. I feel like there are so many rumors floating around that turn out not to be true though.
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