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Appropriate exercise for SI Joint Pain....getting different answers from every professional!! HELP!!

Posted by katie

Hi! I am a 25 year old woman who is very active and loves to work favorite exercise being ZUMBA!! Three years ago I had excruciating hip pain in my right hip. I went to the emergency room after a few days and got a shot of Terdol (sp?) and it started to feel better. I was graduating college at the time so there wasn't much follow up. By the time I saw an orthopaedic doctor my pain was gone and I haven't thought too much about it besides for occasional pain in that area. Well...three years later almost to the day I started having this pain again! Horrible pain when getting into the car, getting out of the car, putting on pants, coughing/sneezing/laughing, and especially after sitting putting weight on my right side. I have had no changes in activity level so I am confused about what brought this on. I went to a sports medicine doctor who took an x-ray which seemed normal besides a small arthritic spur on the left hip and he mentioned the socket of my hip joint wasn't as concave as most people. He told me to continue to 'burn the candle at both ends' and keep working out how I wanted to. He referred me to a physical therapist who after her evaluation is thinking that it is pain from my SI joint...she also said that my hips are uneven/misaligned.  When I asked her what exercise I could continue she said swimming, walking, elliptical, stairstepper, or bike but NO running or ZUMBA. I went to a physical therapy session a few days later with her assistant and she said that I could do NO EXERCISE at all except walking and maybe a leg press (b/c it distributes weight equally). These professionals are supposed to work closely together but all have different answers. I am so confused! I lead such a busy life and working out is really my stress reliever so not being able to work out how I want is really affecting me. Any Suggestions?? THANK YOU in advance :)
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Have you tried a strong dose of Glucosamine for the joints?  I have a friend who is in his sixties and he had such bad joint pain, because he used to play in a softball league for many years, he used to hurt like hell, he started taking Glucosamine 7 which is to naturally build, repair, and maintain the structures surrounding your joints and bones and he will stand behind it, because he is a different man now, pain no more.  I actually take the same thing, because I have damged my ankle when I was in my early twenties and to this day if I don't take it, my ankle will not let me walk correctly.  Anyway it's a thought because you don't want to start taking meds, if there are alternatives out there for you.  Good Luck :)
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