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Apple Juice with Half the Calories

Posted Nov 17 2010 6:00am

trop50 I’m rarely a juice drinker. Why? Because I’d rather eat my foods than drink them! However, sometimes there really is something so nice and refreshing about having a glass of OJ or cranberry juice or apple juice, especially with a nice breakfast. So, when the mood strikes me, I indulge in a serving.

Tropicana , who we’ve worked with in the past, asked if we’d be willing to try its latest version of lower-calorie Trop50 Farmstead Apple, and we said yes for all the reasons above. With 50 percent fewer calories a serving than regular apple juice, it’s made with real fruit juice, is a good source of vitamin C, is fortified with vitamin E and contains stevia as a sweetener. Overall, I really liked Farmstead Apple’s taste—it really tasted just like apple juice. And unlike the Trop50 orange juice that I found to taste a little diet-y, this one tasted natural. My husband even drank it.

Now buying juice can get to be pretty pricey, and best I can tell from the ingredients, this is basically a fancy version of watered-down apple juice with some sweetness added. If you are strapped for cash and still want your juice, you could always buy regular apple juice and water it down yourself. You’d save some cash because the juice would go twice as far, and you’d control the sweetness. Food—or drink—for thought! —Jenn

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