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Any warning signs that a shin injury is more than just a bone bruise?

Posted by coffmc03

I was recently completing a lower body workout using the plyometric boxes at the gym. On my last set, my right foot slipped on the edge of the box I was jumping on to. My right shin took a pretty substantial impact/scrape when I did this. The area immediately began to swell and bruise *approx 6" long and about 1" in width*. There also appeared to be a slight cut or gash in my leg, but further inspection showed no signs of bleeding. The skin did get scraped up rather good though. It didn't hurt to walk on that leg and the actual injury wasn't all that terribly painful. It looked much worse than it felt.

 Fast forward to today (1 week later). I noticed there was still some residual swelling around my ankle along with bruising. Upon myself noticing that, I began taking ibuprofen and treating my ankle/shin with ice. Are there any serious warning signs I should keep an eye on or time frame that I should be seeking medical intervention from a doctor?

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