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An Assessment Of The Very Best Schwinn Exercise Bike Models

Posted Aug 25 2012 5:13am

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Schwinn are highly regarded for their range of exercise bikes and their ability to cater to different needs, but with this variation and acclaim how do you choose the right Schwinn bike for you? In order to write a helpful review comparing the best Schwinn exercise bikes, this article will take a closer look at three distinctive models: the 140 Upright Bike, 240 Recumbent Bike, both of which are the currently the best-selling models in their category, the Airdyne.

Beginning with the 140 Upright model, this model can be said to be the standard bike in the series because of its simple controls and features and its conventional design. It’s over-sized pedals and adjustable handlebars make it a great choice for families because so many users can work on the same bike though the model resembles many traditional machines in the way it operates. This console offers you an easy workout, and provides basic data including calories burned and distance you have gone.

One problem encountered with these types of bike is that they can create unnecessary strain on other parts of the body, especially the back. That’s why more and more people appreciate the 240 Recumbent style bike. With this machine, users can enjoy all the usual benefits of a Schwinn bike while adopting a position that sees them reclining against a seat with adequate back support. Those who use it say that it is more comfortable and that it brings fitness and toning benefits.

Turning towards Airdyne which has newer technology gives you something with regards to workout or intensity. Unlike the other models, the Airdyne gives riders the chance to use their arms in a duel action for a greater workout. The wheel is able to generate more air resistance for a more intense workout, but it does create more noise than other models that might drive customers away.

As you can see, there is no winner in this exercise in comparing the best Schwinn exercise bikes; each machine has its flaws, the standard bike is not challenging and technical enough for hard-core fitness enthusiasts, the recumbent bike provides few additional benefits for the extra cost and the Airdyne is challenging and noisy. However they each have their own benefits. The 140 Upright Bike is a wonderful bike for people who are relatively new to exercise, the 240 Recumbent Bike provides a very high level of support and comfort, and the Airdyne gives riders a comprehensive workout. If you are going to be making a purchase you need to figure out what are the features that you want the most so that you will be able to make the best choice for you.

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