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An Apology, an Explanation, and an Observation.

Posted Apr 28 2009 11:59am

I’d like to apologize to the readers of this blog for my inactivity as of late.  Several interesting changes have occurred in my life recently, two of which are notable enough to me to actually mention:

First, I received my purple belt in BJJ.  To say I was stoked is an incredible understatement.  I refer you to my previous post about “owning a belt” for my feelings on this one.

Second (and probably more importantly), I became a foster father to three kids.  Let me state for the record that all the things they say about parenting being a full-time job are true, and then some.

Long story short, I’ve been slacking a bit on all non-essential (as in, the-world-won’t-stop-turning-on-its-axis-if-I-don’t-get-it-done) projects, including (to my dismay) this blog.  My sincere apologies; I’m resolved to get back on track once I’ve got my time better figured out.

The observation: I’m still training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and I’m still lifting weights.  Although my life has turned upside down, I still make time to tend to the things that matter most to me second to my family - my avocation, and my health.  It’s got to be the same for you as well.  We’ve all got things that get in the way of getting in shape (whatever that means to you), and it’s all too easy to let these things bar you from your potential.  Don’t let them - make fitness a commitment in your life, even if it’s in trickles and spurts at first.  It gets easier, I promise.

Thanks for reading.  And for putting up with me.

P.S. - Anyone got any good ideas for low-carb kid-friendly dinners?  Particularly for kids who’ve grown up loving carbs? :P

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